About Pippin Drysdale

22 Tuckfield Street,
Fremantle, 6160
Western Australia
phone: ( 618 ) 9336 2475
fax: (618) 9433 1195
mobile: 0419 162 475
email: pippind@iinet.net.au

Books Catalogues and Reviews

Maggie Baxter: ‘Profile of Pippin Drysdale’ (5 pp.) – Artist Profile magazine, Sydney (2015)

Stephen Bevis: ‘Refined ceramics define career’ – Desert Crossing review,

The Weekend West, 5-6 December (2015)

‘Interview of Pippin Drysdale’ (4 pp.): China Ceramics Illustrated magazine, Beijing, China (July, 2015)

Monograph, Snell, Ted, ‘Lines of Site’, Fremantle Press, 2007

Catalogue, ‘Pippin Drysdale: Lines of Site – Towards the Kimberly Series’, John Curtin Art Gallery, 2007

The Face, Weekend Australian Review 26/5/2007, Victoria Laurie meets Pippin Drysdale, pp3, National circulation:299150

V&A, London, ‘CO[ ]ECT’, 2003 and 2004

The Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu: ‘The Legacy of Modern Ceramic Art, Part II - Modern Ceramic Art from an International Perspective’; International Invitation Exhibition 2003: ‘Recovery of Use’, Korea

Kanazawa Museum Invitational Exhibition Japan; National Gallery of Australia (NGA)Federation ‘Material Culture’

Faenza Museum Italy, ‘Vitalita Perenne del Lustro’;

The Powerhouse Museum, ‘Contemporary Australian Craft’, touring Japan

Published in 20 national and international books

Numerous national and international articles and reviews relating to conceptual and technical aspects